Why Need A Website?

Why is a website launched?

Why Need A WebsiteTo say about yourself, to share with others what you know, to spread news and messages, to advertise and market products, to earn money – these are just some of the various reasons for which websites are maintained. People have started using internet more than phone and television, because whatever you search can be found in a matter of seconds. For example, a cricket match is being telecasted. If sports channel doesn’t show up on your tv, you can watch the match with live updates and for free with internet.

Internet has not grown popular with just live telecasts. People get whatever they want – they can buy things they love, they can sell junk they don’t need, they can know whatever is happening in the world – all right from the comfort of their homes. Many people have begun launching websites to become part of the internet.

If you too start a website for you, people around the world can know about you and your business. Your website will contribute to the growth of your business like you do. Not only job, you can show off your achievements and report events taking place through internet. A website has so many uses; it cannot be told in a single page.

Lets know how to start a webpage

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