FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The File Transfer Protocol helps in transferring files over a computer network. It is one of the protocols used majorly for transferring large amounts of data. FTP needs a special client program to run. It also needs a separate port, like port 21. With the help of FTP, you can transfer any amount of data from your computer to the server.

What Is FTP

Nowadays, FTP is being replaced by cloud computing in many places. But FTP will still have its place when large amounts of data transfer need to be done. The one feature FTP lacks is security. It can provide direct access to the servers and can be used by anyone. Major companies shut down their FTP port to avoid mishaps. FTP ports are easier to set-up. For example, you can think of FTP as an electricity generator. Imagine you have only one wire between the generator and your computer. This is the simplicity of FTP. It provides such direct access to data. Nowadays, secure File Transfer Protocols like FTPS.SFTP have been introduced.

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