What Is Disc Space?

Opening a website for the first time can make you wonder what many terms used by the web hosting companies mean. This article is to help you know about such terms. We will explain about disc space in this post.

What is disc space?

What Is Disc SpaceDisc space is the amount of space available in any disc disc, such as a floppy disc or hard disc or USB to store data. The term ‘disc’ originally came from the shape of the hard disc; today’s USB are not disc shaped; yet the name stands on. The disc space is also called Memory Space. The Memory available is measured in Bytes. 1024 bytes make a Kilobyte(KB). The same way 1024KB makes a Megabyte, 1024MB makes a Gigabyte and so on. Let us see what disc space has to do with web hosting.

Disc space in Web Hosting

Disc space is often confused by many with transfer rate (Bandwidth). When hosting a website, a company will offer you various plans and packages for disc space. Bandwidth plans can be very confusing in the beginning. But you can very easily find the disc space you need for your website. To do this, copy all the HTML files, script, audio, videos, text and JavaScript of your website into a folder. Right click the Folder and choose Properties. Windows will show you the amount of space taken by your website’s folder. Most websites with average text and audio very well under 100MB. If you are planning to generate lots of videos and flash content, you may need more disc space. Most of the web hosting companies have the options to add up disc space later on if you want. Only very large websites like YouTube, Amazon or eBay need Unlimited Disc Storage. So choosing an unlimited storage space is totally unnecessary for beginners. If you feel your website is taking up too much space, you can try compressing most of the files. You can also try reducing the size of each image in your webpage. You can also try to use images that are not stored on your website; you can provide a link to another website and direct your visitors to see the image from there. But to do this, you have to check the copyright of the image and also get permission from the webmaster there. This will also reduce your bandwidth usage significantly.

Want to know more?

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