What Is Data Center

About Data Center

What Is Data CenterHave you ever wondered how the internet works? Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Data center is the place where the internet actually lives. It is a place where Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Yahoo  and all other websites stores thousands of data about a billion things. In olden days,large centralized massive mainframes were used and had few locations. So they got got the name data center. Today with lighter computing, data centers are becoming dispersed. They are also called collocations. It is the birth place of all the information you get. They are at various locations in all over the world and in various sizes. A data center in lang fang, China, is to be completed in 2016; it will be nearly the same size as the Pentagon. If you walk through one of those, you will see tonnes of wires and computers. They contain servers, which is the home of all the blogs and websites you follow. They are also a leading cause of air pollution because of their diesel exhaust and also require exaggerated amounts of power supply. Most of the power consumed there is for cooling than computing. Also, in order to make info available to all 24/7, its a must for them to have uninterrupted power supply. In this advent of cloud computing, even a minute’s power failure could have disastrous effects on the company.

How The Data Centers Are Working

Further, a data center has a backup of all the crucial data in it. To avoid malfunctioning of systems and machines, the environment is maintained at a static level. Special equipment like chillers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and cooling towers are regularly used to level up the climate of the center. Also they contain extensive measures for the prevention and tackling of fire accidents in the equipment, transformers and UPS’.

Data centers also have state of the art security systems to guard and watch over the stored data. The security systems are regularly updated on a regular basis to safeguard the information of their clients. Very strict security measures are needed for cloud computing and other online purchase processes.

Future of Data Center

Dark data centers or darkened data centers are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. These type of data centers function completely using automated processes, thus eliminating the need for people to work. Such data centers require persons only in some extraordinary situations. So they require no lighting inside The center and hence the name.

Many data centers of the world are aging and are at risk of being not capable of meeting today’s standards, business requirements and also environmental pollution reducing standards. With growing users interested in web hosting and such, we can be sure to expect many more data centers in the near future.