What Is Cloud Server?

what is cloud serverCloud server is a type of server, which mostly resembles a Virtual Private Server. It can be a group of many machines or systems and can provide a virtual or dedicated environment for the user to work with. The unique feature of cloud hosting is its flexibility allowing the user to change any option, any time. In cloud server, you don’t have to pay monthly bills like other services. You can pay the bill calculated from up to the minute you started using to the minute you ended. So there is no wastage of resources. When you are not using your server, the same server, bandwidth and CPU will be used by another person from somewhere over the world. Also, if you have very unexpected traffic spikes or increase in activity, you can just go to your control panel and increase your bandwidth. If there is very low traffic, you can choose to decrease the amount of bandwidth usage instantly. This gives you an ultimate power over the resources. Cloud servers have an unmatched flexibility and freedom like no other server. This way, you will never be in scarce resources or you will never have to pay for the extra resources.

For example, think of your electricity bill. You pay your bills for only whatever you use and how much ever you use.  This is the method how cloud servers work. It is the most cost efficient way of web hosting. The service provider rents out an actual or virtual server from a single or many machines depending on your need. After you are done with the resources, they are allocated to somebody else. So this is very cost effective and you pay only for what you use. When using cloud server, you don’t have to do any estimating work. You can make use of the resources available and pay as you go.

The only considerable drawback of these types of servers is the security. The data you uploaded will be on a server in a minute and it will be spread over many servers when you decrease or increase bandwidth. All the data you uploaded will be spread over many servers, thus you cannot make sure all the servers are secure and alert. You cannot very well administer the data storage on a cloud server. Other than this, this is the most sought web hosting option by many.