What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service that is growing popular lately. Do you own a website or do you plan to open a new one shortly? Then you have many different options today. Each type of hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s see what cloud hosting is all about and its pros and cons.

what is cloud hosting

The term ‘cloud computing’ has evolved by itself over the few years without anybody giving any actual definition to it. Cloud hosting generally consists of dedicated, shared and virtual servers. The idea is to provide resources on demand, unlike ‘for a fixed amount for a fixed time’ there are no permanent charges each time you use cloud hosting. Each bill is billed based on your usage each time. The resources are available on demand, and are very easily scalable. You can increase or decrease them at the click of a button. If you suddenly need more bandwidth or CPU, you can increase it the very minute and decrease it the very next minute if you don’t need it. You will be billed only for your usage. This ensures you pay only for what you use and for nothing more. The server may be made of several machines put together from various places to serve your need. So web hosting on a cloud server is the most cost efficient way for hosting.

Because of this unique feature, cloud hosting serves all types of websites with high or even very low traffic. It provides some place for customization. The administrative control panel provides full control over the scalable features. So this is a decent option to save money.

But there are some features in terms of security that are out of the users’ control. The data uploaded by the user is spread and stored over many different servers at each time. The user cannot control all the servers that contain his data. Other than that, cloud hosting can guarantee high availability and make your traffic managing very easy for you.

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