Backup is an important feature of webhosting. It is the process of ensuring that the data, images, audio and video you created and uploaded can be restored in the event of any destruction, hack or viral attacks. The Backup is   an important procedure in all matter concerning data. You can make sure that at least one original copy of your website or software is available for use when you need it. The backup provides the necessary structure for restoring the data.

what is backupSmall level Backups can be taken care of by yourself, or you can get some storage space for Backup from your service provider. It is usually a good practice to store very confidential information in a removable disc or USB. Other Backup discs of applications and software can be classified based on size. Small amounts of data Backups can be stored in a personal computer or laptop or even a CD or a DVD. Large amounts of data may need a removable drive or cloud storage or a secure server. The access to these Backup drives must be protected securely, or else the hackers or invaders will get access to most of data easily. This may contain very private information and lead to destruction of data. In some cases like Content Delivery Network, Backup of data uploaded by you in your service is automatically sent to all Nodes or terminals of the network. This is a special characteristic of CDN; a CDN has Nodes or terminals in all major locations and covers most of the countries. Each node has a copy of your data. If even your server crashes or most of your nodes get destroyed, your sites will have Backup and your site will stay online. This feature is unique to CDN and it is one of the factors that have helped CDN become popular.

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