What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Your company’s online presence is established by your website. A Bit confused as to which type of hosting is the best for you? Let me tell you the features of various types of servers in this and other upcoming posts. Let’s now see about VPS.

What is VPS server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Virtual Private Server bridges the gap between Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting. It is also known as Virtual Dedicated Hosting. In Virtual Private Server, all the websites in the server share the same hardware like Ram, Bandwidth and CPU. But the software is different for each and every website on the server.


For example, think of VPS as a room in a large house. All the members of the house use the same pathway, corridor and entrance or exit. But they can do whatever they desire with their rooms. They can wallpaper it, decorate it or scribble or do whatever they want with their rooms. This is the concept of VPS. The VPS server is a part of a large machine. But each VPS server has all the characteristic of the large machine. Thus all users get the feel and experience of a dedicated hosting. Also, in a VPS, you have a guaranteed amount of disc space, memory and bandwidth available. So you will not get bottleneck issues like shared hosting. Also, VPS hosting costs you a bit more than shared hosting, but it is very less than dedicated hosting. In VPS, you can do whatever you want with your website. It will not affect others. You can install any OS you want or you can run any script you want. You flash or Java anything. You have a complete control over your website and you can run it the way you desire.

Why Choose VPS?

Unlike shared hosting, each website in VPS can be rebooted, formatted, stopped or started whenever you want. Also, you have root level access to the OS you have installed, so you can experiment your own invented software and applications. This VPS has the independence of a dedicated server.

There are also some factors to consider when choosing VPS. VPS server can help your creativity and will allow you to custom make each aspect of your website, but it can be a great responsibility. If there is any problem with your OS, you will have to fix it yourself. If your site gets hacked, you will be solely responsible for recovering data and bring the site back. If the large machine gets the updates of some sort, you will have to install it for yourself for your site it can take up lots of time and needs sound knowledge and good experience. You will be held if your server crashes. Others will never be affected.

The good way is to try out shared hosting. If you feel you have the drive and passion and feel you are growing up to be using shared hosting services, then you can try VPS hosting before going to that big one. VPS is a moderate level between both extremes. And so it generally suits most people’s needs.

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