What is a Domain Name?

Are you interested in starting a website for yourself, but are confused by all those terms and definitions? Let me explain those terms used by web hosting companies. We will see about domain names in this port.

Why Use Domain Names?

What Is Domain NameDomain names are the address of a computer network or a website or any other service that is a resource on the internet. You can think of Phone Numbers here. We all know how a certain phone number belongs and denotes a certain company or home. Likewise, domain names serve as an address on the world of internet. Each domain name belongs to a certain website and donates them. The domain name gives each website a unique identity, just like a phone number. If you know the domain name, you can access a website directly.

Also, the purpose of domain names is to give each and every website a different and unique address that is easy to remember. For example, www.facebook.com is a very easy to remember domain name that has millions of searches.

Your domain name should reveal something about you or your site. For example, www.about.com is a domain name. It is very easy to remember. Also, the website is full of definitions about things; so the name about.com. So the domain name gives you an idea of what is on the site. This is how you should choose domain names for your site.

Structure of a Domain Name:

A Domain Name is structured from right to left. The rightmost part consists of the highest Top Level Domain name and it decreases from right to left. The left most part ends in the machine name or usually ‘www’ (World Wide Web).

There are about 120 Top Level Domains classified. The most commonly used TLDs are .Com, .Net, .Org, .Gov, .Edu, .Mil. There are also some country codes joined now as Top Level Domains.

For example, in www.Google.co.in, in is the TLD and ‘Co’ is the Second Level Domain (SLD).

The real names of websites are called an Internet Protocol address and are very technical and consists of long numbers and alphabet sequences. Such addresses cannot be remembered by all. So the domain names serve as a nickname for the websites.

How do you register a Domain Name?

Domain Name Registrar services are used to register a domain name to a certain company or organization. The terms ‘selling’ a domain name, renting and leasing are commonly used, but they are not exactly true. Everybody is dealing with domains actually only buys the Exclusive Rights to use that domain name for a certain company or organization. The Domain name will be acceptable only if you register it with a DNS.

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