What Is A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server, as the name suggest, is dedicated to one website. These types of servers are usually located in a data center or colocations. The web hosting Provider Company will lease or rent out all the computers, servers and infrastructure needed for the user. It is up to the user to manage things and host his website there. Dedicated servers are meant for very large companies with immense amounts of traffic. The cost of setting up and managing a dedicated server is huge for smaller, medium or even medium to high businesses. Dedicated servers may server and suit the needs of large organizations or business companies.

What Is A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers have many features and skilled persons who know each aspect of servers, hardware, software and security are needed to manage a dedicated server. Dedicated servers usually are not provided with any help from the service provider. The user takes care of all tasks like security patching, kernel upgrades, software improvements, service packs, application updates and hardware checking, etc. the service provider usually provides and manages the power supply and the infrastructure of the data center. Also, if your dedicated server crashes, you have to go to the data center and physically press a reboot button to restart your system. It needs such levels of management.

For large companies, who can afford dedicated servers, these types of servers provide the best security for them. They can see through each level of engineering and manage each aspect of their data server so dedicated servers provide complete freedom to them. Dedicated servers usually have massive amounts of bandwidth allotted to them, like one TB for a month or more. They have their own security system and have lots of memory space. Very large companies need stability and security more than anything. So dedicated servers are the best option for them. The cost they pay to maintain the dedicated server is nothing when compared to their security, stability and guaranteed high performance. Having their own dedicated server means, they have control of everything there.

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