Web Hosting And Designing

Web Hosting And DesigningWe currently specialize in web hosting and designing services. We are going to provide a complete service at a very low price like no other. I will describe about the necessity of web hosting and the special features of our service in this post.

Need for website

Websites have growing demand in this fast growing internet’s era. Everyone knows internet denotes websites. People today don’t go outside for anything. When everything comes home throug internet, why wander outside?

For example

  • People used to go to stores to buy things they needed, or if it was not available locally, they would visit other places. Now a days, we can book and buy whatever we want form our home through internet. Online companies deliver goods themselves. The thing they asked for in their place and didn’t get, now comes to them in a click. How much would this be welcomed?
  • Before internet dominated, we used to post letters to each other. But now we can speak face to face in a second.

You can become popular in the internet in just a day, any business will do. This fact remained unknown till now. People are awakening now. One by one they are realizing the importance of websites.

Use of websites

Personal Websites: Used to share only about themselves. Its all about their photos, profiles and other informations related to a person.

Business Websites: A website started for a company. It contains details about the company’s products and thier features. All details about the company are mentioned on the websites.

For example, if we visit any company’s site – say TVS, we get to know the location of their branches, their address, list of new bikes and thier prices and many more information.

Forum Websites: These types of websites depend on another company’s products for earning. They contain many information. They possess other companies’ advertisements on their website to earn. 75% of websites belong to this type. The remaining 25% only is constituted by personal and business sites.

Our salient features:

  • Your own website at a very low cost.
  • Search Engine Optimization available.
  • Live support available

Package details:

Our package starts form Rs.2000 a year. You can choose the price depending on the size you need. Contact our support team for more details.