Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

You must have heard about Shared hosting and Cloud hosting. Both Shared and Cloud hosting have different features and unique specialties. So lets compare them both to know which is better for you.

Shared Hosting

  • Websites with Shared hosting are hosted on a server located in a larger machine.
  • You have certain bandwidth and RAM allocated to you.
  • You cannot change the amount of resources located very often.
  • The company takes care of all maintenance tasks for you in Shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting method.
  • Shared hosting is not suitable for websites with high traffic.
  • You have to pay monthly bills in Shared hosting. You will have to pay for your allocated resources whether you use them or not.
  • Any problems with your server will affect all other domains on your server.
  • If the traffic of a site in Shared hosting increases, all other sites on the same server will experience loading problems.
  • The data you upload on your website is stored only on your server.
  • The Shared servers are usually rented to you for a month or longer.
  • Shared hosting is very easy to maintain for the user. Only basic knowledge about websites is required.

Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud hosting is done on serves located in a larger machine; or sometimes dedicated servers are also used.
  • You will have resources allocated to you, on demand.
  • You can change the amount of resources allocated at any second.
  • The company takes care of more security fixes and hardware maintenance in Cloud hosting.
  • Cloud hosting is the most cost efficient web hosting methods.
  • Cloud hosting is suitable for sites with both low and high traffic. You pay as you go in Cloud hosting.
  • You will have to pay for only the amount of resources you use in Cloud hosting.
  • Any problem with your server will not affect others.
  • The traffic increase or decrease of a site will not affect any other site on a Cloud server.
  • The data you upload into your site may be spread over several machines in your server.
  • The Cloud servers will be rented to you even for 5 minutes according to your needs.
  • Cloud hosting requires a little knowledge about websites and also requires a bit of maintenance from the user.

Thus Cloud hosting and shared hosting have different features. If you are a basic user or a first time user looking for very cheap hosting solution, then Shared hosting is a good choice for you. Cloud hosting is very cost efficient, but the user has to have some knowledge about websites. Cloud hosting also needs more attention and care than Shared hosting.
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