Reseller Web Hosting With Payment Gateway

I bet you must have been looking for a way to earn money online. Reseller web hosting is such a ways that can help you make a profit. Let me tell you about reseller web hosting services of our company and its features.

What is reseller web hosting?

Let’s say, you buy a certain amount of space for you from a company. If you buy it with permission to sell or rent the space to others, then it is reseller web hosting. A reseller is like a normal user with special permission to act like a company. The reseller can do whatever he wants with the allotted space.

Benefits of reseller web hosting:

Reseller Web Hosting With Payment GatewayReseller web hosting is a growing small business. Some of them include;

  • The price: The price is a very important factor that makes many people choose reseller hosting. It is very very cheap.
  • The brand: From the customers view, you are there company. The customer sees only your name; not the name behind you. So you can expand your business or change your company, but you will not lose your customers.
  • Your plan: You know your customer well. So you can create any type of plan for your customers with your space and bandwidth.
  • Provide options: Even if your company does not support some features, you can add them. For e.g.: you can provide  support even if your company does not have it.
  • Replace dedicated servers: In reseller hosting, you will not have any direct customer support. This is just like dedicated hosting with a lesser space and bandwidth. So expert users can very much enjoy a cheap reseller hosting instead of a dedicated server.
  • Less responsibility: You can be a reseller even if you don’t have any knowledge or experience about web hosting. You don’t have any server maintenance problems. In fact, your company will take care of all hardware and software issues. You can simply forward all customer complaints to your company for solving.

Payment gateway:

Payment gateway is the cash counter of your website. If you sell any things or services in your website, then you need a payment gateway. The payment gateway service is usually provided by a third company. The whole transactions and data transfer within the payment gateway are highly secured and encrypted. The payment gateway opens a direct secure link between your webpage and your bank. This gateway is essential for all websites that sell things or services online.

Our company:

Our company, ZolaHost, provides excellent programs to help you earn money online. You can use our reseller web hosting with payment gateway program as a trial for starting your own web hosting company. We will provide all the customer help and hardware maintenance for you.

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