Reseller Hosting vs Affiliate Hosting

There are two ways to make money with established web hosting companies, namely Reseller Hosting and Affiliate Hosting. Today we are going to compare them both and find out which of the two has more benefits and profits.

Reseller Hosting

Affiliate Hosting

You resell the space you rented from another company. You refer another company to people you many know.
You are selling your parent company’s resources in your company’s name. You are simply referring people to the main company for a profit.
You have to manage your company and customers. You are just letting people enter the main company through your door.
You can provide any amount of plans or create any different packages for your customer. You only advertise the plans and packages of your main company to others.
You can provide reseller web hosting and also join any other service you want to provide. For e.g. you can also sell domain names with websites. You can individually advertise for companies offering individual services.
You will have your own brand and your own customers. You will have some people you know and you will make them the main company’s customers.
you will have your own brand and your own customers. You cannot change any options offered by the main company.
You have to provide good customer support for your customers. your main company will take care of the customers.
You can promote your company at any amount you like. You have to promote your main company extensively to get a reasonable profit.
Advertisement may be done wherever necessary for reseller hosting. Very excessive advertisements like buttons, banners, ads, pictures, links, posts and websites are used to attract people in affiliate hosting.
Reseller hosting requires more work. Affiliate hosting requires less work.
You need skills and talents to maintain your own company in reseller hosting. Affiliate hosting does not need any capital amount.
Reseller hosting needs a startup capital. You don’t need any skills or talents for affiliate marketing.
Reseller hosting will popularize your brand name among the customer. Even if your main company shuts down, you will can still run your company and maintain your customers. If your company shuts down, you have to find another company for affiliate marketing.
You can start a reseller hosting business and gradually increase your business and become a direct web hosting service provider company. You have to keep advertising your company and refer people for commissions.