How To Install The Scripts / Applications In Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Panel is of the most popular open source control panels are used for managing the websites on VPS and Dedicated Servers. Vesta is light weight, easy to handle and user friendly, but one important thing is missing from this control panel. That thing is installing the scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal in a single click.

Most of the people want to install the scripts and applications on their website in a click. In this tutorial we provide the solution to installing more than 300 scripts in a single click. For the demo, we install WordPress for a website hosted by Vesta Control Panel. It will be take few minutes to complete the script installation on a website.

Installatron is a web based remote application installer for installing application into any website via FTP access. We need to create an account on this website for installing the applications. Follow theese steps after create an account at Installatron.

At first, You need to add a domain name,create an FTP account and create a database in vesta control panel.


1 Click Web —> Add Web Domain to add a domain and create a FTP.
2 Click Advanced Options after enter the domain name.
3 Select the Additional FTP and fill the fields same like in the image given below.

If you enter ftp in the username field, your ftp username will appear like admin_ftp.

Enter public_html in the path field.

Your domain and ftp account will be added successfully once you click Add button.

4 Click DB —> Add Database to create a database and database user account.
5 For adding a database, fill the database name and username with the same values. If you enter the value name in both fields, both will be displayed like admin_name. Fill other fileds same like in this image.

Once you click Add button, database and database user will be created successfully.

Once you have added the domain and created the database, then you don’t need to touch the Vesta CP again. Now login to your Installatron account to start the script installation.
6 Click Application Browser to view the list of applications available to install.
7 In apps page, more than 300 applications available to install. For demo, we are going to install the WordPress. WordPress is available in the Content Management section. Click WordPress icon to visit the WordPress application information page.
8 Click Install This Application to visit the installation page.
9 Do the settings same like in the image given below. Fill the FTP account and Database information already created at Vesta Control Panel.

Click Install to start the installation.

10 The application is started installing on your domain, if you redirected to the processing page same like in this image. Installation process will be take few minutes to complete.