Free Domain Names With Web Hosting

Want to know where you can get an attractive domain for free?

What are domain names?

Free Domain Names With Web HostingDomain names are unique addresses that are associated with a particular website. They are like door numbers or phone numbers for the website in the world of internet. They help us reach the web page directly. Each domain name is unique and denotes only one website. The registration of domain names are taken care of by the Domain Name Registrar. The Domain Name Registrar accepts unique names each website and maintains records of them. The domain names are classified under some major divisions like .Com, .Org, .Net, .In,, etc., There also many two letter domain names classified for each country, like .Au( Australia) , .In( India) , .Us(united states) etc.,

Most domain names are ‘sold’, ‘rented’ or ‘leased’ in many companies. In actual procedure, the companies will register a certain name for a certain company or website and provide them the full rights to use them.

Since domain names are the address for a company, it is important for a domain name to be very easy to remember. Unique and short domain names stand in people’s mind quickly. So it is very important to choose a domain name that is related to you and is catchy. Such domain names will attract more people to your site.

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