Cost For Designing A Website

Cost For Designing A Website

Cost of website designing depends upon the features customers are looking for. However, we are charging a fixed charge for designing the particular kind of websites. It is as follows

Basic website-Rs 5000

These kind of websites are developed for giving information regarding your business and your products. From these websites customers can know about the services you are providing, and also about your products and its quality.

Online shopping website-Rs 15000

These kind of websites are developed for selling things on online. Through this website you can sell either your own products or other companies products for which you are dealing. Customers can pay their case from home through ATM Card/Credit Card/Net Banking. Sold products can be sent to the customer either through courier or door delivery through your employers.

Real estate website-Rs 15000

When people who are doing real estate business publish their finished projects, ongoing projects and upcoming projects on the website which we develop for them, it will be a good advertisement for them and helpful in reaching people in an easier manner. These will attract more customers and your business will develop more.

Media website-Rs 12000

These kind of websites will help in sharing essays, poetry and news with the peoples. Like The Hindu and India Times you can also share daily news with the people by these websites. Your updated news will reach the people as soon as possible.

Apart from these if you need a different kind of website, please let us know your requirement through email or telephone. We will let you know the cost of developing that kind of website through return email or through telephone.

Our special features:

  • If people who are viewing your page likes it, they can share it with their friends in Facebook, Google +,twitter and email it through the options provided by us in your website.
  • We will hand over the full control panel for managing the website to you itself. With that you can update the website with the necessary things you need and also administrate it by your won’t need to seek our help for small small things.
  • We will link your website with Google Local Business, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics .
  • We will give free consultations for getting the website to the knowledge of people and making it famous.
  • You can also have a mail id which will have your web address. For example [email protected]