Cloud Server vs VPS Server

Out of the many varieties of servers available, we are going to compare two today- Cloud server and VPS. We all know all servers have their unique advantages and disadvantages. So comparing them will only help you know which is better for you according to your needs. So let’s see about Cloud server vs VPS Server in this post.

Cloud Server vs VPS Server

Cloud Server

VPS Server

In cloud computing, machines are used to host many websites sometimes, and are dedicated to one websites sometimes. In VPS servers, many websites are hosted in a single machine.
Cloud servers have a fixed rate for all amounts of bandwidth, RAM and CPU. VPS servers have a moderate cost in between dedicated and shared hosting.
Cloud servers are made of several machines connected over the internet VPS servers are located in a container in a larger machine.
In cloud hosting, the company takes care of the server maintenance and most of the security issues. The service provider helps with all updates and security fixes.
In cloud hosting, you can change the amount of bandwidth any time. In VPS, you have to choose the amount of bandwidth and disc space you need once in a month.
You have to pay the bill for only whatever resources you use. You have to pay the bill for the amount of bandwidth you choose, irrespective of whether you used them or not.
The users of cloud hosting are rented a space on any server that is available at the moment. The users of VPS are renting a space on a server for a month or for a year.
In cloud server, you pay only for whatever you use; so there are no fines or charges on extra use. You have to pay fines in VPS servers for the extra amount of bandwidth you use.
Cloud servers do not allocate any specific amount of resources. They are made available to the user on demand. VPS servers are allocated an amount of space for a month.
The server used by the user in an hour is allocated to some other user from any another place for his use. The VPS server is used by a user for a month or a year according to the plan.
Websites hosted in a cloud server has a guaranteed high availability. You always have a high loading speed of your website. The VPS servers are guaranteed an amount of bandwidth. If the speed exceeds the allocated amount, the server will crash.

Thus, cloud servers are very cost efficient. You pay only for what you use. So these types of servers are the best choice for websites with very irregular visitor traffic.